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The Japan Crate Team

At Japan Crate, we’re all about the Japanese candy culture. We source from the best, most obscure places to bring you the greatest variety of candy at the lowest price! All products In your Japan Crate are always guaranteed to be full-sized, delicious goodies. Subscribe and see for yourself!



The idea of Japan Crate came to me when I was in Japan early in 2014 on a two day layover. I’ve always been into Japanese culture since I was a kid, so actually being able to go to Tokyo, was like a dream come true. Once I was there, I immediately fell in love with Japan - the bright lights, delicious smells, crazy music. It was over-stimulating, and it was amazing.

When I returned to the States I went online to try to order some of the candy and snacks that I enjoyed so much in Japan, and I was pretty disappointed in my options. The candy cost way more online, took forever to arrive, and when it did finally arrive, the products were melted/crushed. I also wanted to try new candy/snacks out, but because a lot of the websites I was ordering from was only written in Japanese, I didn’t know how to navigate or search for certain items.

I knew there had to be a better way to do this, so I decided to start a monthly subscription box for Japanese candy and snacks. What I hoped to achieve with this venture was not only to send candy in a box, I wanted to take the excitement, bewilderment and happiness that I experienced from being in Japan and share that to you every month, and candy happened to be the perfect vehicle for this. Thus Japan Crate was born, and in September 2014, we officially started shipping our first crates.

Since then, Japan Crate has evolved into much more then another subscription box. Japan Crate is a monthly experience, where you can enjoy the awesomeness of Japanese culture through the most exclusive candy. In additional to candy and snacks, our crates also include a custom booklet that share descriptions, instructions (some of the candy is DIY where you build yourself), monthly contests, and even a custom in-house manga. We believe that these new inclusions really help tie in what Japan Crate is all about, experiencing the awesome of Japan every month through candy.




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