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Fue Ramune – Japan Crate

What is Japanese dagashi?

Dagashi refers to small and individually packaged candy and snacks sold in Japan. In Japanese the word translates to “da” as “negligible” and “kashi” as “snack”. We beg to differ on the first half. Dagashi is popular amongst children and usually has fun packaging that sometimes includes a prize or small toy. Some well known dagashi include konpeito, fugashi, umaibo and fue ramune.

Dagashi Store – Japan Crate

What is fue ramune?

Fue ramune is a ramune flavored hard candy [link to ramune post]. It is also known as Japanese whistle candy! The candy is round with a hole in the middle and by blowing through the hole you can make a high pitched whistle sound. The pack usually comes with a small surprise toy.

Fue Ramune Nasa – Japan Crate

What types of fue ramune are there?

The original fue ramune candy is a lemon lime cider flavor (aka ramune). The fue ramune collection has expanded to include flavors such as grape, strawberry, cola, yogurt, and pineapple.

Fue Ramune Variety – Japan Crate

Where can I buy fue ramune?

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