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Reading Japanese Best Before Dates

Did you know in Japan, dates are written as year/month/day? That includes Japanese expiration dates and Best Before Dates.

Shomikigen (賞味期限) - Best Before Date

Japan has some of the highest food quality standards in the world. Their Best Before Date is actually a suggested time period for a treat’s peak enjoyability. The candy & snack manufacturers we work state that products have a 3-month window after the printed date that ensures the food is still yummy and at its prime!

If you’re in Japan, you’ll find the Shomikigen label on food and products that don’t spoil quickly like cup noodles, frozen snacks, dagashi, candy, etc.

The USDA says food past the Best Before Date is still good to eat and to not worry, they aren’t a safety date, so you can rest assured if you find an old Umaibo in your bedroom it’ll still safe to eat ;)

Does Japan Crate Consider Japanese Best Before Dates When Curating Crates?

Of course! We take the Japanese Best Before Dates and shelf-life into account when curating crates to ensure that your crates arrive fresh and are still yummy months after you get them.