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✧ 6-8 Full-Size Beauty Items from Japan

✧ Includes Magazine with Translations & Tutorials

✧ Try the Latest Asian Beauty Trends

✧ Free Shipping Worldwide

$29/mo. with free shipping

Receive 6-8 full size items directly from Japan through a mix of four categories: Daily Care, Cosmetics, Pamper, and Bath & Spa.


Keep your skin supple and soft with special fragrant lotions, revitalize your fingers with nourishing treatments, and keep your complexion glowing with face masks full of vitamins and essences!

Japanese cosmetics are famous for their exceptional quality and innovative formulas. Try Japanese ultra-waterproof eyeliners, silky and long lasting plumping lip glosses, curling and lengthening mascaras, premium eyelashes and more. All included cosmetics are suitable for any skin type/tone.

Escape from daily stress and relax by indulging in warming eye masks used to ease tension and soothe dark circles, foot pads that detoxify your body, and moisturizing finger gloves that will leave you revitalized and refreshed.

Baths are a big part of Japanese culture, and a popular way to unwind. Experience bath bombs and powders specifically formulated to be calming with invigorating aromas. After a long soak, use a body scrub to increase circulation and exfoliate your body to reveal youthful skin.