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Meiji Chocolate – Japan Crate

Is Japanese chocolate good?

The short answer is yes!
The long answer is that chocolate in Japan has its own taste and variety of flavors. There are rows upon rows of chocolate to choose from at any convenience store or supermarket. They also often feature cute, clever, or unique packaging. Meiji chocolate is the best selling chocolate brand in Japan!

Japanese Chocolate – Japan Crate

What is Meiji Chocolate?

Meiji Chocolate is a chocolate brand produced by Meiji Holdings Co. The Meiji Milk Chocolate bar was released in 1926 and has stood the test of time. It continues to be a popular chocolate bar across Japan.

Meiji Chocolate Bars – Japan Crate

What is Meiji Black Chocolate?

Meiji Black Chocolate is another famous release from the Meiji Chocolate collection. It’s described as having high-quality bitterness and a strong cacao flavor.

Meiji Black Cholate – Japan Crate

What are the types of Meiji Chocolate?

Other types of chocolate in their lineup include Meiji High Milk Chocolate, Meiji White Chocolate, Meiji Strawberry Chocolate, Meiji Banana Chocolate, and Meiji Rich Pistachio Chocolate. The company has expanded its chocolate line up to about 130 products that include different types of chocolate and chocolate snacks. These delicious releases include kinoko no yama, takenoko no sato, almond chocolate, and meltykiss.

Meiji takenoko no sato – Japan Crate

What does Meiji mean?

Meiji in kanji (Chinese characters) also used in Japan translates to brilliant or enlightened government. The Meiji era refers to the years in Japan from 1868 to 1912. It was an era defined by modernization and changes in foreign relations.

Where can I buy Meiji Chocolate?

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