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Morinaga Chocoball – Japan Crate

What are Morinaga Choco Balls?

They are chocolate ball candies produced by Morinaga & Company. This famous confectionary and snack company also produces Hi-Chew, Dars chocolate, and Marie biscuits. These chocolate balls were first produced in Japan in 1960 and are known for their cute packaging and mascot.

Morinaga Chocoball – Japan Crate

What flavors are there?

The original flavor of chocoballs were chocolate, peanuts, and colorful (chocolate with colored shells). The brand expanded to flavors such as caramel, almond, and strawberry as well as seasonal releases. Some of the past limited flavors are melon, blueberry, peach, raspberry, Hokkaido milk, and chocolate banana.

Morinaga Banana Chocoball – Japan Crate

Who is Kyorochan?

From 1967, Kyorochan has been the mascot of the choco balls that is featured on each box. He is a cartoon bird and is a popular children's figure Japan. Kyorochan has been featured in commercials, his own TV series, and even a movie based on his anime series. There are also toys and merchandise such as plushies, figures, candy dispensers, lunch boxes, etc.

Morinaga Kyorochan – Japan Crate

Where can I buy Morinaga Choco Balls?

You can find exclusive Japanese candy at our store

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