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- 18-20 full-size candy & snacks
- Japan-exclusive drink
- Monthly bonus item (from a bag of Japanese Kit Kats to collectibles)
- Manga-zine featuring translations, fun facts & more

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Give yourself or someone special the gift of Japan every month through candy. We load our premium monthly crate with up to 20 full-sized candies and snacks plus a drink that comes straight from Japan. We throw in a special bonus to show our appreciation, and you always receive the latest issue of our Manga-zine. From collectibles to snacks that are only available in Japan, you never know what will arrive on your doorstep next.

Our most popular Japanese subscription box is the Premium Crate with goodies that always ship from Japan. If you love Manga but want the sweet rewards of a Japan candy box, this is the convenient subscription that will deliver a little of everything. Keep it all to yourself or share the good times with others, there's no better way to bond with your favorite people than with a loaded box of Japanese goodies.

Spend one weekend a month learning new Japanese words, pouring over Japanese comics and tingling your tongue with a special collection of tasty treats. It's okay if you devour your Japanese candy box in one day because we'll send you a new Japanese subscription box every month.




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Every month one lucky, random Japan Crate subscriber receives a giant prize crate filled with anything from gaming consoles to oversized candies and collectibles from Japan.

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