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Ramune – Japan Crate

What is the most popular drink in Japan?

Japan is famous for many drinks such as green tea, canned coffee, melon soda, calpis, and last but least ramune!

Classic Ramune – Japan Crate

What is Ramune?

Ramune is a Japanese soda famous for it’s unique glass bottle design with a marble. It was introduced in 1872 by Alexander Cameron Sim in Kobe, Japan. It is popular among children and often drank at festivals. It has become a symbol of summer in Japan.

Big Ramune – Japan Crate

Why is there a ball in Ramune?

It’s a unique way to seal a fizzy drink! The bottles are filled upside down and the ball or glass marble is held in place by the pressure of the carbonation. The pressure forces the marble against the sealing to secure the drink. Therefore, to open the bottle the marble is pushed inwards and with the right technique it leaves space to drink.

How do you drink Ramune?

1. Peel the seal, lift off the cap, separate the opener
2. Place it over the bottle and press down
3. After opening, remove the opener
4. Drink by balancing the marble between the two grooves

What is the flavor of Ramune?

The original flavor of ramune is lemon-lime soda. In both Japan and Korea this type of soda is called “cider”. The taste is similar to Sprite or 7UP.

Ramune crate – Japan Crate

What is the best Ramune flavor?

Ramune has expanded to about 40 different flavors. Some of these flavors include blueberry, melon, grape, strawberry, chili oil, wasabi, takoyaki, curry, and chocolate mint! The best ramune flavor is up to interpretation but you can’t go wrong with the classic lemon-lime flavor.

Where can I buy Ramune?

Buy Japanese drinks, snacks, candy and ramune flavored goodies here

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