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Sakeru Gummies – Japan Crate

Looooong! Looooong! Maaaaan! Sakeru Gummy

Sakeru Long Long Man – Japan Crate

What is Sakeru Gummy?

Sakeru Gummy is a Japanese gummy candy that comes in short and long strips. “Sakeru” in Japanese means “split”. The strips have ridges so you can tear it, share it, or just play with it before you eat it. The gummy melts in your mouth and comes in various fruity flavors.

Sakeru Gummy Strips – Japan Crate

Who makes Sakeru Gummy?

UHA is a Japanese confectionery company established in 1949. The company believes that “Unique Human Adventure” describes their desire to have people enjoy their lives through delicious food. They are known for making sakeru gummy, kororo gummy, kogumi, and osatsudoki chips.

Sakeru Gummy Strip and Long Long Man – Japan Crate

What types of sakeru gummy are there?

Sakeru gummy comes in two forms: a pack of small strips or a loooong loooong strip. The long strip is 40 cm (about 15.7 inches)! Sakeru gummy also comes in classic fruity flavors and limited seasonal releases. The flavors include grape, white peach, apple, melon, strawberry, mikan, and kiwi.

The Sakeru Gummy series

Sakeru Gummy is known for its 11-part commercial video series which compares the sakeru gummy and long sakeru gummy in a way you weren’t expecting. The commercial features Chi-chan, Tooru-kun, and Looong Man! Chi-chan and Tooru- kun are a couple who enjoy eating sakeru gummy. However, they keep running into Looong Man who always makes quite a dramatic entrance and has a smoulder like a cupid arrow to the heart. Did we mention that Chi-chan likes long things? On that note, we’ll let your imagination wander a bit. The series is an emotional roller coaster with a twist ending. Watch it here!

The Sakeru Gummy series