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Introducing Sugoi Mart!

Hi Japan Crate family!

We’re excited to introduce Sugoi Mart, our new online store to be your one-stop-shop for all things Japan. You want it? We got it!

What's Sugoi Mart?

It's your one-stop-shop for all things Japan. You'll be able to browse, explore and purchase anything from Japanese snacks & candies, Japanese appliances, manga + anime merchandise, and any other Japan-exclusive items you can think of!

What Kind of Items Can I Expect to See?

image description

You can expect to find exclusive merch from Tokyo Disney, the Pokemon Center, Starbucks Japan, Tokyo Nintendo Store, and more on Sugoi Mart! What are your favorite stores in Japan?

How Often Are Products Updated?

We add new products every day! We're able to stock items as they're released in Japan. You're guaranteed to find something new each time you visit.

What If I Want Something That Isn't In Stock

Even if you see something that we don't have, you can always message our team via Instagram or Facebook so that we can get it in stock!

Is Sugoi Mart Part of the Japan Crate Family?

Yep! You'll get the same trust, service, and quality you've learned to love and expect from Japan Crate.

Will Past Crate Items be Available For Purchase?

Since crates often sell out, we cannot guarantee that all past crate items will be available. We recommend joining the Sugoi Mart email newsletter (located at the bottom of the webpage) as we send emails as soon as new items become available.

Do Current Subscribers Get Discounts?

Japan Crate subscribers receive special discounts in each of their monthly booklets found inside their crates!

Does Sugoi Mart Ship Worldwide?

Only a select number of countries are supported. We hope to support more countries as we continue to grow! You can visit the shipping details here.