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Umaibo – Japan Crate
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What is Umaibo?

Umaibō is a delicious puffy corn snack stick from Japan. Imagine a giant cylindrical cheeto that comes in savory and sweet flavors! This very popular dagashi (link) has been around since 1979. Each wrapper features Umaemon, its cat mascot, whose name is a pun on the character Doraemon.

What does Umaibo mean?

Umaibō in Japanese is うまい棒. “Umai” translates to delicious and “bo” means stick, therefore it’s a “delicious stick” and we couldn't agree more!

Umaibo Variety – Japan Crate

What are the Umaibo flavors?

Umaibo comes in many different flavors such as mentai, corn potage, natto, cheese, teriyaki burger, salami, vegetable salad, chicken curry, tonkatsu sauce, shrimp & mayonnaise, takoyaki, beef tongue, rice dumpling, and pizza. Umaibo also comes in sweet flavors such as chocolate and sugar rusk.

Where can I buy Umaibo?

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